What To Do When You Have Printing Mistakes In Your License? Visit DVLA

Getting a driving license is no more a difficult job. DVLA is here to help you. It is a government agency which helps people to solve the queries of driving license, vehicle registration, and others. It was established by the Department of Transport in the year of 1930. It has a huge database which has information about 44 million drivers and 36 million vehicles. DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. It also helps the police with the information of the drivers as well as the vehicles.

What Are The Different Types Of The License Provided By Them?

It provides a license to different types of vehicles like mopeds, mother cycle, and cars. They also provide blue badges for the physically disabled peoples. But if you have any physical condition which restricts activities like driving, then you will not probably qualify for a license. You should also meet the minimum eye site requirement.


Why Contact Them?

You can contact them for multiple reasons, like car tax disk inquiries, report or untaxed vehicle, buy or sell registration plates and registration of new vehicles. For any kind of query related to a license like damaged license, lost the license, misplaced or issue of new license you will have to apply to them. You can contact DVLA by dealing their helpline number which is open all 24×7.

Common Type Of License Service

  • Applying For New License

You will have to meet the age requirement that is 15 years and 9 months of age. You can start to drive a moppet when you are 16 or a car by the age of 17. You must have the minimum eye site. You should be a resident of Great Britain. You must provide the address proof where you have lived at least 3 years. You should have a valid UK passport and National Insurance number. In the case of physically disabled people, there is a separate form. You will have to apply it by online or by postal means. Thy will validate your details before issuing your license. You can track the status sitting at your home. It takes about one week to get a new license.

  • Applying For Renewal Of License

You will have to renew the license every 10 years. It requires the same documents like above. You can also update your information at this time. You will have to send back your old license, once you receive your new license.

  • Applying In Case Of Lost, Damaged Or Stolen License

You will have to make a police complaint in case your license is misplaced or stolen. The general process remains the same. In case you have part of the damaged license you will have to send it back to them.

All the above process can be done by postal as well as by online means. You can pay using your debit or credit card. In the case of the postal method, you will have to attach a cheque.